United Way of the Lewis and Clark Area fights for the health, education, financial stability, and basic needs of every person in the tri-county area.

We are dreamers.  Builders.  Changemakers.  Neighbors.  We believe in transforming our community – as a community.

United Way of the Lewis and Clark Area serves the communities of Jefferson, Broadwater, and Lewis and Clark counties.  With your input, we’re determining what the biggest challenges are in our area, forging strong partnerships with those who have the power to create positive outcomes, and building innovative solutions to help our neighbors.  We’re working with nonprofits, cities, counties, businesses, and community members like you to make big change possible, and we are proud to LIVE UNITED.

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Backpacks for the Homeless

With the frigid winter months coming up, the United Way is looking for your help to ensure those without permanent residences are safe and warm. Items are distributed to those needing them in Lewis & Clark, Jefferson and Broadwater counties thanks to the assistance of partners and friends of the United Way, such as Good Samaritan Ministries and God’s Love Inc.

Collection boxes can be found at the following locations:

  • Albertsons, 3151 N Montana Ave (between Shopko and Old Navy)
  • Safeway, 611 N Montana Ave
  • Super 1 Foods, 3120 Queen Anne St
  • Vans Thriftway, 306 Euclid Ave

And at the United Way offices, 75 E. Lyndale Ave.

• Band-Aids
• Blankets
• Boots
• Chapstick
• Coats or Sweatshirts
• Combs or Small Brushes
• Food that does not need to be cooked
• Gift Certificates for Fast Food or Grocery Store
• Gloves and Hats
• Mints, Cough Drops or Gum
• Nail Clippers
• Packs of Tissues
• Pillowcases
• Sanitary Items
• Shampoo
• Sleeping Bags
• Soap
• Socks
• Tents
• Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
• Water Bottles
• Wet Wipes
We also need backpacks!