Goal: Improve Community Mental Health.

Sometimes, kids with developmental disabilities need a little help building social skills. That’s why the Summer Social Skills Program is helping them prepare for school and life!  Photo courtesy of Family Outreach, Inc.

Often, chidlren who don’ thave the opportunity to build their social and communication skills by the time they begin their education become isolated later in life, impacting their mental health and behavior.  With your support, the Summer Social Skills Program is offering opportunities for local kids with developmental disabilities to learn and practice positive social skills!  It gives them the ability to interact with other children and adults outside of their families and increases their confidence and ability to navigate life.

The program provides the opportunity for participating children to interact in the classroom and beyond with teachers and other children. This helps them practice their responses and overcome challenges so they are better prepared for the start of their academic career.  This practice prevents further regression and/or developmental delays, builds functional life skills, and improves their long-term mental health.

Thank you for your support – your generosity prepares local children for bright, happy futures!

*Collaborating partners for this program include Family Outreach, RMDC Head Start, local educators, and families.

Programmatic information provided through organizational application for funding.