Goal: Improve community mental health.

Alcohol, tobacco, and e-cigarettes are a problem for many Montana teens. With your help, we can reduce risky behavior and help kids lead long, healthy lives.

In Broadwater county, teens are reporting concerning rates of risky behavior.  By survey, they indicated:

  • 11.8% of students use cigarettes regularly,
  • 13% of students use e-cigarettes,
  • 14.3% of students consume alcohol regularly,
  • 26.6% reportedly considered suicide,
  • and 17% reported riding in a vehicle with a driver who had been drinking.

In order to reduce these rates and improve the health and safety of kids in Broadwater county, education for parents and children alike are critical.  With your support, our partners* are focusing efforts to ensure this education is available by providing positive parenting classes, working with positive role models to share strong prevention messaging, and providing leadership skills training for youth.

With your support,  Broadwater county will reduce risky behavior and help children learn healthy lifestyles at an early age for long, happy lives.  Thank you!

*Collaborating partners include Broadwater County Social Services, the Montana National Guard, Broadwater County Schools and student organizations, and families of Broadwater County.

Programmatic information provided through organizational application for funding.