Goal: Improve community mental health.

Teachers and families can work together to help students overcome developmental and mental health problems for bright futures. Photo courtesy of RMDC Head Start.

Research proves that early intervention is critical to help children overcome trauma or developmental problems.  Thanks to your generous support, our community is working to provide a response for local children to help ensure the availability of resources to make it happen.

Statistically, children from lower-income families tend to have more Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and more barriers to the help they need to overcome those experiences.  That’s why Head Start is focusing on efforts to provide access to a Mental Health Consultant for children and parents participating in the program.  This consultant will assist in providing individual and family therapy as well as in-home family support to help mitigate problems and resulting behavior.

In addition to supporting families, the consultant will work with Head Start staff members to help them identify problems that cause negative behavior and train them to respond in with effective behavior management techniques.

Thank you for supporting early intervention to help children and families overcome developmental and mental health issues!

*Collaborating partners for this work include Rocky Mountain Development Council Head Start, mental health consultants, and local families.

Programmatic information provided through organizational application for funding.