Financial Stability

Goal: Empower individuals to increase their financial stability.

A Meals on Wheels program participant receives their daily meal delivery.


Isolation and poor nutrition are proven to have a negative impact on mental health.  That’s why over 500 homebound, local seniors are receiving meals, social interaction, and safety checks in their homes every day through Meals on Wheels.

Montana’s rural nature, transportation problems, and living at a distance from family members are all factors that can make it difficult for seniors to stay connected to the community around them.  A collaboration* of programs came together to ensure our seniors, especially those without family nearby, receive the support they need to have contact with the outside world while nourishing their minds and bodies.  The contact program participants receive has a demonstrated, positive impact on their lives, with…

  • 81% of participants reporting improved health,
  • 92% of participants reporting that MOW enables them to remain living at home,
  • and 90% of participants stating the program makes them feel more safe and secure.

Meaning is important in every stage of life, and providing opportunities to have positive interactions with our neighbors bolsters our the mental health of our neighbors, helping us meet one of the goals set forth by the community.

In addition to staff members from local senior centers supporting this program, significant volunteer involvement is necessary each day to prepare, assemble, package, and transport meals for delivery.  A high degree of collaboration with local, state, and federal entities is also needed to make this program possible for our area.

*Collaborating partners for this project include Rocky Mountain Development Council Meals on Wheels, RMDC Senior Corps, Meals on Wheels America, and various volunteers.

Programmatic information provided through organizational application for funding.