Financial Stability

Goal: Empower individuals to increase their financial stability.

Fixed incomes can make it difficult to do simple things like access healthy food options. Photo Courtesy of Helena Food Share.

Commodity boxes provide seniors on fixed incomes with a little extra help so they can have a little breathing room in their budgets.  A typical commodity box is intended to supplement other food sources over a two-month period, and provides staple food items like cereal, noodles, peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, juice, and cheese.  While important and helpful, commodities don’t always meet the nutritional needs of seniors.

Our partners* have identified fresher food options as a necessity for area seniors who struggle with hunger.  With your generous support, the Senior Fresh Box will augment the staple food items in a commodity box with fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein foods. This project will ensure that low-income seniors who struggle with hunger get the nutrients they need to maintain their health.

Thank you for ensuring local seniors have access to programs that ensure they are able to put food on the table and get the nutrition they need to lead healthy lives!

*Collaborative partners for this project include Helena Food Share and Rocky Mountain Development Council.

Programmatic information provided through organizational application for funding.