Goal: Improve community mental health.

Mentoring children helps reduce negative influence in their lives and gives them a better chance at a bright future. Photo courtesy of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Helena.

Kids today face many challenges.  There is more pressure than ever to succeed in school, fit in with their peers, and find their place in life.  In Lewis and Clark County alone:

  • 27% of high school and 41% of middle school students have indicated they have been bullied at school,
  • 23% of high school and 24% of middle school students have reported being harassed or bullied online or via text messaging,
  • 33% of high school and 26% of middle school students state that bullying has caused them to feel so sad or hopeless that they have deviated from their normal schedule,
  • and 23% of high school and 18% of middle school students reportedly considered suicide over the last year.

These numbers indicate that students need a positive support system to improve their self-confidence and reduce the affects of bullying in their lives.  Locally, people and organizations are partnering* up to provide strong, positive mentors for local kids transform their lives by matching them to a person who can identify with and have as a companion and role model to share their journey.

Mentors are thoroughly vetted and carefully matched with children they can identify with.  Some of these mentors interact with kids in their school at assigned times and others meet with their assigned child to do activities together outside of school.  Both arrangements have a long-term, positive impact on the physical and mental well-being of participating children – giving them a better chance at a bright future.


*Collaborating partners for this project include Big Brothers Big Sisters of Helena, Helena School District, and various community volunteers.

Programmatic information provided through organizational application for funding.