Greater Helena Area Housing First Coordinated Entry

Greater Helena Area Housing First Coordinated Entry System

This system of collaborative efforts aims to prevent and divert households from entering the homeless system, reduces duplication of services, provides data to improve outcomes, and results in prioritizing limited housing resources. Coordinated Entry not only saves lives, identifies gaps in local services, and creates opportunities for advocacy, but it saves our community money by taking pressure off publicly funded systems as much as possible.

To find out how you or your agency could be involved in the Coordinated Entry System, please contact our team by calling 442-4360.

Coordinated Entry Front Door Locations

Good Samaritan Ministries – 3067 N Montana Ave, 406-442-0780

Our Place Drop-In Center – 631 N Last Chance Gulch, 406-442-1374

PureView Health Center – 1930 9th Ave, 406-457-0000

Healthcare for the Homeless – 533 North Last Chance Gulch, 406-461-0516

Volunteers of America – 2001 11th Ave Bldg B, 844-486-2838

Greater Helena Area Housing First Policies & Procedures Manual

This document is reviewed and updated annually

Grievance Procedure

In the event a participant does not agree with or believes discrimination occurred during any part of the Coordinated Entry System process, the participant has a right to file a grievance. It is the responsibility of the Front Door agency to inform the individual of the grievance procedure. Grievances will be processed so that complaints are addressed in the most objective and fair way possible.

The Grievance Form must be completed and submitted to a Front Door agency or electronically to The Grievance Form is available on the UWLCA website under the Greater Helena Area Housing First section, and paper copies are available through each Front Door agency. Participants will be provided with a copy of this policy upon entry into the CES. The form should be filled out in its entirety, and must include client name, contact information, any reasonable accommodation requests, and a brief summary of the grievance.

Grievances will be handled through a tiered approach. The agency that receives the completed Grievance Form will forward the grievance to the Helena Coordinated Entry System Governing Team (CES Governing Team), which will serve as the party handling the initial grievance. The CES Governing Team will contact the individual within five business days of the receipt of the grievance to schedule a mediation meeting. This meeting will be held within 30 calendar days of the CES Governing Team’s receipt of the grievance. Reasonable accommodations for scheduling, location, or accessibility will be available upon request. In circumstances for which there is a significant conflict of interest, the Governing Team will determine whether the agency involved in the grievance may participate in the decision-making regarding the outcome of the mediation meeting.