Disasters happen in Montana. We are committed to working with local emergency response agencies and volunteer organizations to make sure that our neighbors, especially the most vulnerable, are prepared for disasters and emergencies of all types. Everyone has a role to play in disaster and emergency preparedness and response. Learn how you can prepare for the unexpected.

Disaster and Emergency Services

Did you know that there are Disaster and Emergency Service Coordinators in almost every county in the State of Montana?

The state and local Disaster and Emergency Services agencies provide support during times of disaster or emergency. Together, the state, tribal and county level emergency management agencies coordinates comprehensive emergency management in Montana to ensure protection of lives, property, and infrastructure.

State of Montana Disaster and Emergency Services

Lewis and Clark County Disaster and Emergency Services
Broadwater County Disaster and Emergency Services
Jefferson County Disaster and Emergency Services

Resources to Prepare for an Emergency

Did you know that according to the 2013 Update of the State of Montana Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan that wildfires are the number one hazard in most areas of Montana?

Disaster preparedness is everyone’s responsibility. It’s a good thing that there are resources available to help prepare your family, home, and livelihood for the unexpected.

Are You Ready? Check out these resources!

ReadyMontana initiative is implemented by the Governor’s Office of Community Service to help ensure that all Montanans are prepared for disasters and emergencies of all types. Find out how you can get involved and make certain your family and neighbors are ready.

Ready.gov is the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) preparedness campaign that encourages all Americans to prepare, plan, and stay informed. Find out how to build an emergency supply kit, create a family emergency plan, and more.

Great Montana ShakeOut
Montana is earthquake country. Learn what to do in the event that the ground starts to shake and practice earthquake safe actions by participating in the Great Montana ShakeOutevery October.

Tri-County FireSafe Working Group
Wildfire is the number one hazard in Montana and in the Tri-County Area. The Tri-County FireSafe working group shares information and completes mitigation projects to reduce the risk of wildfire for local home and property owners, business owners, and more. Learn how you can prepare your home and livelihood



Access and Function Needs Preparedness Resources

Individual preparedness in the event of disaster or emergency is a cornerstone of a disaster-ready community. A major focus of creating and supporting a prepared community is focusing on assuring that our most vulnerable citizens – people with “access and functional needs” (AFN) – are able to care for themselves for at least 72 hours in case of an emergency. People in the AFN community actually are 51 percent of our local population and include people with developmental disabilities, senior citizens, unaccompanied minors, people with emotional and behavioral health needs, people without access to transportation and with limited mobility, people experiencing homelessness, and people in living in poverty.

The UWLCA is proud to chair the Access and Functional Needs Sub-committee of the Local Emergency Planning Committee of Lewis and Clark County. We are working in coalition with many local partners to assure our most vulnerable citizens are prepared and have a place at the table to advocate for themselves and their community.

AFN Online Resources

AFN Document Resources

Volunteer Opportunities

Did you know that in most disasters cash is the best thing to donate? Cash allows emergency responders and volunteer organizations know what is needed most and can purchase the items easily.

All disasters start and end local. Helping your neighbors and community during a disaster is important, but it must be done responsibly, so that your efforts are a help, not a hindrance to those that are organizing the response efforts and/or trying to contain the event.

Respond Montana
Learn how to donate and volunteer responsibly during times of disaster. Make your efforts, time, and money matter.

Register on VolunteerHelena today and check that you would like to be contacted during times of disaster. When volunteers are needed during times of disaster, like flooding, you may be called upon to help with the response or recovery efforts!
Montana Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

Montana Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (MTVOAD) is the forum where organizations share knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle- preparation, response, and recovery- to help disaster survivors and their communities. Learn what agencies is part of the MTVOAD and how you can get involved!